Everything you need to know about polytunnels.

Published: 01st August 2011
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Polytunnels are very cool structures to add to any expanding garden. To those that even now do not know what a polytunnel is, here's the scoop: Polytunnels are tunnel-like structures manufactured making use of a metal frame as well as a polyethylene roofing with UV inhibitors.

This structure is erected on the ground and serves as housing for growing plants that have to have a slightly higher temperature or humidity as compared to the environment of a specified region. These tunnels are usually used in temperate regions.

How It Works

Because the function of polytunnels is to supply a warm atmosphere for the plants within just it, it works in a rather simple but unbelievable way. The key on how these tunnel-like structures provide the right climate for the growing plants is the type of material that composes it.

As stated, polytunnels have polyethylene roofings. With this type of roofing material, 90% of light is transmitted through it and once the light passes, it's diffused. This effect prevents plants inside the polytunnel from producing a shadow and shading other plants.

Furthermore, a considerable quantity of air is enclosed within a polytunnel, which permits it to create a considerably warmer climate for a longer time period as compared to greenhouses.

Polytunnels are impressive ways of producing a Mediterranean-like environment that will make it possible for any green-thumbed farmer to grow exotic vegetables and fruits. At times, there are additional materials used in a polytunnel. Some gardeners include bubble-wrap insulation. This provides a lengthier warm period and enables a frost-free winter for the growing plants.

Benefits of a Polytunnel

Polytunnels are also significantly like greenhouses, but the former is a little bit favored by more gardeners mainly because it's much more less costly. The materials used for a polytunnel aren't actually that costly. Consequently, gardeners can really make a lot of it without having an excessive amount of financial problems.

In addition to being cost-friendly, polytunnels are also particularly handy to transfer. Since it's made from lightweight materials, transferring it from one area to another wouldn't call for too much use of power and heavy lifting. Gardeners are spared from the taxing process of changing the soil inside of the greenhouse or polytunnel given that this construction is movable.


Although, on the other hand, polytunnels also have a bit of a disadvantage as compared to greenhouses. First of all, a tunnel-like construction is not that attractive as a greenhouse. Secondly, repairing torn polythene is quite impossible to do. After the material gets torn, taping it wouldn't do the trick. Thirdly, even though polytunnels are very easily movable, they're also easily destroyed by strong storms and gusts of wind. It is also complicated to regulate the humidity inside of the polytunnel, which means, it most likely could be a breeding ground for molds.


In conclusion, polytunnels are excellent alternative greenhouses, especially if one is restricted on the budget and if regular transfers are needed. For one to be prepared to avoid the drawbacks brought by this structure, taking great care of the polytunnel deems essential. Owners must keep watch for possible threats to the integrity of the structure such as if storms are coming, rowdy little ones are present, stray cats are around the corner, and lawnmowers are visible. Without a doubt, polytunnels are innovative ways of growing different kinds of vegetation even in the midst of a cold weather!

Polytunnels are the perfect solution to make sure you can grow your vegetables for longer periods all through the year, you no longer need to be limited to the season of you vegetables you can have freshly grown vegetables all throughout the year. You can have a small polytunnel in your private garden meaning you do not have to go out of your way to get access to your vegetables. Possessing a polytunnel permits you to safeguard your vegetables from bugs and birds which means you don't have to place down pesticides and can have genuinely organic vegetables on your own table.

Purchase affordable polytunnels from a trusted company so you can enjoy your fruit and vegetables all year round come hail or snow or even sun.

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